1. Please let us know if there are any Guest Artists you would like to see at the club and we will give them our consideration.

2. We will be aiming to start our Guest Artist nights at 8pm prompt so would be much obliged if you could be seated prior to that.


12th November 2018

Tremendous night last night with our guest artists Tanninzie. Mik, Fiona and Ken provided some quality guitar playing and excellent vocal harmonies and had the audience captivated. The night got off to a great start with The usual 1st class performance from floor spot Tony McKeown.

Mik, Fiona & Ken.





24th September 2018

Fantastic night last night with some great, honest to goodness Scottish folk music from "The Sorries". There was a brilliant atmosphere in the club with the audience singing along to almost every song Douglas and Martin sang. 

Host, Harry Wilson got the evening of to a grand start with a varied selection of songs for the floor spot.

Martin & Douglas.





17th September 2018

It was a great pleasure to welcome Elsa Jean Mctaggart for her first time to the club last night. A highly accomplished, self taught singer, fiddle and whisle player even playing two wistles at the same time!! Elsa was very ably accompanied on keyboards by husband  Gary Lister.

Gavin Anderson, all the way from France provided an excellent floor spot.

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Gary and Elsa.


Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, guitar and indoor




10th September 2018

Fabulous night last night with two excellent musicians in Gill Halliday and Chris Sesar. Combine Gill's flute and whistle playing along with Chris's guitar playing add two superb voices and you have something wonderful!! 

Tony McKeown provided another 1st class floor spot.

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Gill & Chris.


Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument, guitar and indoor




26th March 2018

Beautiful singing and tremendous guitar playing from Iona Fyfe and Luc McNally last night. Scottish folk music is in safe hands when you see young people like these two emerging. A nice bit of nostalgia from floor spot Ian Doran taking us down memory lane with some songs from the sixties. Thanks also to Paul and Susan Streeter for doing a couple of songs as well.

Iona and Luc.





19th March 2018

Brilliant night last night in the company of guest artists Pure Malt and floor spot Wilf and Linda Archer. George, Stuart, Tam and Gordon had the place bouncing with some great sing-a-long traditional and contemporary songs. Wilf and Linda did exceptionally well giving first time airings to shruti box, autoharp and guitar.
It was also nice to welcome visitors from Lancashire and Italy last night.

Pure Malt.


Wilf and Linda.



12th March 2018

Superb night last night with some excellent new material from Other Roads who were featuring their new album "Green Light".
A decent crowd were also rewarded with some beautiful harmonies and guitar playing from floor spot Richard and Diane Duffy.

Other Roads, Gregor, Pete and Dave.


Richard and Diane.



5th March 2018

Many thanks to the brave souls who made the effort to get to the club last night. It was well worth the effort. Good night was had by all.



26th February 2018

Another poor turn out for yet another excellent evening at the club!! Mile Roses provided a wonderful mix of self penned folk/americana music. Many thanks to Ian Ludbrook, a man of great "standing" in the club for his usual high standard floor spot.

Edwina, Kate and Simon, Mile Roses




19th February 2018

Brilliant night with the amazing Andy Chung. If you have never seen this guy live you are missing out!! Great repertoire of songs and a great sense of humour. Very ably accompanied by Steve Johnstone on keyboards. Excellent performance from floor spot Walter Simms as well.

Steve and Andy.





12th February 2018

Our first guest artist night of the year got off to a tremendous start last night with the amazing Morgan Lee Band. They were very ably supported by floor spots from fiddler Eilidh Allen and singer/song writer Tony McKeown.

The Morgan Lee Band.





11th December 2017

Another year draws to a close for Stirling Folk Club with our Christmas party. As usual Chapter Four did us proud with some excellent entertainment along with a great variety of songs and tunes from our home grown talent. Many thanks to Clark and Drummond for providing a grand meal to start the evening off.
The committee would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We will be starting back next year with two session nights on January 29th & February 5th. Our first guest artist night will be with the Morgan Lee Band on February 12th. Hope to see you all then.


4th December 2017

What a fantastic finale to our guest artist nights for the year. One of our best audiences for a while were treated to an amazing night of excellent music and great humour from Anthony John Clarke and Dave Pegg. Many thanks also to John Graham and James Jack who stepped in at short notice to provide a wonderful floor spot.

Dave and Anthony.


John and Jim.



27th November 2017

Brilliant night last night with Davy Holt. Great mix of traditional and contemporary songs form a seasoned entertainer. Some Fine songs and banter form floor spot Tony McKeown as well. Thanks to Davy's family and friends who came along and helped make it a memorable night.






20th November 2017

1st class night on Monday with Dana and Susan Robinson. Great self penned songs expertly delivered. Good rapport with the audience and a nice touch at the end of the night when they unplugged their instruments and came down off the stage for the last couple of songs.
Thanks to Stevie Cook for providing another excellent floor spot.

Dana and Susan.





13th November 2017

A different but none the less enjoyable feel about the club with Raging Twilight as our guest artists. With slide guitar, resonator, electric bass and drum kit it was not a typical folk night but the band showcased Jack Law's excellent song writing skill and singing to great effect. The evening got off to a grand start with some beautiful harmony singing and guitar playing from Richard and Diane Duffy.

Raging Twilight.


Richard & Diane.



6th November 2017

Our final session night of the year brought out the best of our regulars. Also some fine music from two visitors to the club in Val and John.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor



30th October 2017

Brilliant nightin company of the amazing Pauline Alexander and Sandy Stanage. Some beautiful singing and some terrific guitar playing combined with some great banter between the two of them really warmed up the audience in a very cold Stirling rugby club!!
Excellent floor spot as usual from Stan Quirk and Rona Thomson.

Sandy and Pauline.


Rona and Stan.



23rd October 2017

Another tremendous Canadian singer/songwriter at the club in the form of James Keelaghan. James enthralled the audience not only with his songs but with some of the stories behind the songs.
Due to unforeseen circumstances our arranged floor spot had to call off at short notice so a big thank you to Mandy Brown for stepping in at the last minute to assist Harry Wilson.



Mandy and Harry.



16th October 2017

A big thank you to everyone who turned up at the A.G.M.


9th October 2017

Fantastic night with the incredible Maria Dunn. Accompanied on fiddle and backing vocals by Shannon Johnson, Maria treated a very appreciative audience to a wonderful array of self penned songs along with some fine guitar and piano accordion playing. An excellent half hour floor spot from Skirlie got the night off to a great start.

Shannon and Maria.





2nd October 2017

Another very enjoyable session night last night. We welcomed some new faces, some to perform others to sit and enjoy some grand entertainment.


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, living room, table and indoor




25th September 2017

Fantastic night in the company of the very talented local singer/songwriter Andy McKean. Great voice and guitar accompaniments combined with excellent self penned songs ranging from the nostalgic "Mariner who's never been to sea" to the hilarious "Your granny makes a lovely cup of tea" had the audience enthralled.They were also treated to a great blend of talent from floor spot Wilf and Linda Archer. With some humorous stories from Wilf and beautiful singing from Linda.



Linda and Wilf



18th September 2017

Yet another grand night from one of the finest young female voices to come out of the Royal Conservatoir in recent years. Ella Munro treated us to some wonderful renditions of some great old Scottish folk songs. She was very ably supported by Catriona Hawksworth with some excellent arrangements on key-boards.
The floor spot, Kathie Costello had the audience in stitches with her "Weather Song".

Catriona and Ella.





11th September 2017

An incredible and very informative performance from Louise Jordan.Touring the country at the moment with her one woman show "No petticoats here" relating the amazing stories of some of the unsung heroines of the first world war, Louise used guitar, keyboard, drum and laptop to provide some atmospheric backing to her beautiful voice and expertly crafted songs.
Host, Harry Wilson also contributed some WW1 songs in his floor spot.




28th August 2017

Top performance last night from Stephen and Pernille Quigg. Great variety of songs very professionally delivered including a song in Danish . Even the flaming lantern didn't put them off their stride!!
Lovely floor spot from birthday girl Sheila Russell and hubby Ken.

Stephen and Pernille.


Sheila and Ken.



21st August 2017

Duelin’ banjos at Stirling folk club and one of the best sing-a-long nights for a long time. Graham Carter had the audience in fine voice with a fantastic selection of songs from all over Britain and Ron McPherson led the way with his usual top class floor spot. Even had a couple of visitors all the way from Perth, Australia who enjoyed their first visit to a Scottish folk club.






14th August 2017

The night got off to a great start then just kept getting better. We started off with the amazing singing and Shruti Box playing of Russian lass, Daria Kulesh. Our guest artists Kip Winter and Dave Wilson followed on combining Dave’s amazing song writing talents with some excellent vocal harmonies and musicianship. Their on stage banter also went down well with the audience.
We also had an additional floor spot after the interval from Mhairi Phillipson (Luckenbooth folk band) who delighted us with two of her own songs.

Kip and Dave.







7th August 2017

Just another session night turned out to be a special night with a surprise visit of a dozen Catalan tourists. Not only did they thoroughly enjoy themselves listening our regular musicians, they also treated us to a couple of their own songs and did a special dance for us as well.



31st July 2017

Tremendous start to the evening last night with a half hour slot from Fèis Fhoirt Ceilidh Trail. A great bunch of very talented young musicians. The rest of the evening was spent in the delightful company of Highland Line – Rob Griffith (Vocals and Guitar) and Carol Nelson (fiddle and mime!!). Some excellent material including a monologue from Rob and his version of Sam the Skull with Carol doing the actions had the audience in stitches.

Fèis Fhoirt Ceilidh Trail.


Carol and Rob


The crocodile from Sam the Skul!!


24th July 2017

A very entertaining night last night with Oakum Row. Some excellent interpretations of traditional songs, along with some awful jokes from Adam McCulloch, kept the audience on their toes.
Ian Doran did his usual top drawer floor spot combining 60's & 70's songs along with one of his own.


Oakum Row. Gavin, Adam, Rebecca and Shaun.




17th July 2017

A decent turnout last night for Steve Kritzer. He captivated the audience with some of his own well written material and a variety of covers ranging from Cole Porter to Jefferson Airplane!! Pure Malt provided an excellent floor spot and have secured themselves a guest artist slot sometime next year. We also had an extra floor spot from Dunfermline Folk Club stalwart Gifford Lind who is a personal friend of Steve's.



Pure Malt. Stuart and Gordon




10th July 2017

A great night with a bit of a twist last night. The wonderful musicianship of Fiona Lander,playing a host of different instruments including keyboard, whistle, clarinet, sax and recorder!! Combined well with the excellent guitar and ukulele playing of Paul Mason. Floor spot, Kathie Costello provided some grand sing a long songs.

Fiona and Paul.





3rd July 2017

Another very enjoyable session last night with some excellent local talent on display. Also had a visit from a lovely young lady from North Carolina!!



19th June 2017

A glorious return to the club last night by Tarneybackle delighting the audience with some great music from an array of instruments and fine voices. Host, Harry Wilson provided the floor spot proving he is a better musician than Tony McKeon is a photographer!!

Sandy, John and Lorna.




19th June 2017

Treated to some fabulous music written, sung and played by Stuart Forester. His mountain dulcimer playing added a beautiful rich tone to some of his self penned songs. He was expertly supported with the excellent fiddle playing and backing vocals from Jonny Hardie. Yet another great floor spot from Steve Cook got the night off to a great start.

Jonny and Stuart.




12th June 2017

Another grand night of fine music and fun from the lovely Briege Murphy and the usual high standard floor spot from Tony McKeown. Unfortunately another poor turn out!!





22nd May 2017

Fantastic night with Miriam Erasmus, a beautiful lady all the way from South Africa with an amazing voice and a wicked sense of humour. Some well crafted self penned songs combined a variety of sing along covers and traditional songs went down well with the audience. Just a pity there were so few people there to enjoy it!
An excellent floor spot was provided by three lovely local ladies. Thank you Sarah, Terry and Laura.



Laura , Terry and Sarah.



15th May 2017

A very good turn-out for a fabulous night with the superb musical talents and wit of Jez Lowe. The audience also enjoyed an excellent floor spot from John Graham and James Jack who will be returning next year as guest artists.

Jez Lowe


John Graham & James Jack



8th May 2017

Fantastic night with The John Hinshelwood Band. Three excellent musicians who so obviously thoroughly enjoy doing what they do. Thanks also to Ian Ludbrook for another high standard floor spot.

Ed McGlone, John Hinshelwood and Tim Black.


Ian Ludbrook.


1st May 2017

Another fine session last night. Thanks to all who participated. Glad our American visitors enjoyed themselves. Had such a good time I forgot to take photos!!


24th April 2017

Fabulous night spent in the company of story teller, singer, song writer and guitarist Allan Taylor. Such a talented man and a real nice guy as well. Also good to see so many young people getting involved in traditional music with the Tolbooth Trad Band providing a very good floor spot. Nice to see a good turn out.

Allan Taylor


The Tolbooth Trad Band.


As a result of our open mic/charity night we had the pleasure of presenting a cheque for £220 to the M.S. Therapy Centre. Our chairperson Catriona Fleming presented the cheque to Derek Malcolm, founder of the centre. Many thanks again to all those who took part.



17th April 2017

Some amazing talent on display at the open mic/charity night and we raised a decent amount for the MS therapy centre as well. Many thanks to all who performed.


10th April 2017

Yet another top night at Stirling folk club. The incredible song writing talent of Tom Clelland shone through. From songs about Clydesdale horses through first world war tales then on to the ghost with the squeaky wheel!! Wendy Weatherby provided some lovely accompaniment on cello to some of Tom's songs. The usual high standard floor spot from Stevie Cook got the night of to a great start.

Tom and Wendy




3rd April 2017

Yet another very enjoyable session night. Nice to welcome a couple of new faces who made a fine contribution to the proceedings.


27th March 2017

A really good night with Willy Thomson doing some 1st class self penned material along with some popular covers. Also a very well received debut floor spot from Rona Thomson and Stan Quirk.

Willy Tomson.


Rona and Stan.



20th March 2017

Excellent performance from two superb musicians in Eddie Seaman and Luc McNally. Some cracking tune sets on pipes and whistles from Eddie and some amazing singing and guitar work from Luc. Thanks also to Ron McPherson for a fine floor spot.

Eddie and Luc.





27th February 2017

Another grand night with a first time visit of Andrew Gordon. Some new arrangements to some old songs and some well crafted songs of his own. Engagedwell with the audience and kept us singing along.
Glenbervie, Neil Clark and Kathryn Grainger provided an instrumental floor spot with a varied choice of tunes and an excellent combination of small pipes, clarinet, whistles and guitar.



Neil and Kathryn


20th February 2017

Superb night with the very talented Dave Gibb. Showcased his excellent guitar playing and song writing skills. From a beautiful ballad to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary to a song about staggering home from the pub, to quote the man himself "from the sublime to the ridiculous". Another song about the witch of Sanquhar contained the line about "Eddie Reader on speed", still can't get that image out of my head.
The floor spot by Laura, Terry and Roger had the audience singing along with some well known songs as a well as a self penned song from Roger. Some lovely harmonies guys.



Laura, Terry and Roger.




13th Februay 2017

Fantastic start to our 2017 guest artist nights. Really good turn out to see Sangsters who were at their brilliant best and were very well supported by Jim McGuire all the way from Perth, Australia. 

Anne, John and Fiona with some beautiful harmonies.


Jim McGuire went down so well we will have him back as a guest artist!!




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